Robert Mollett Photography’s mission is to help companies, organizations and people communicate their message or ideas with images that reflect the true meaning of their products and services.
My role is to assist you in achieving your visual communication goals. When the combination of your product and vision along with my skills, creativity and passion align, this is when the resulting images will be the best they can be. I put my full effort and total compliment of abilities and tools into creating your images. Your project might be a one time run advertisement for a well-established company, or it could be the genesis of a start-up that has a bright future and a multitude of image needs. Either way, when you choose Robert Mollett Photography, you are choosing a partner who sees your success as his success.
Another distinct aspect of working with Robert Mollett Photography is that you will be communicating and working directly with me, Robert Mollett. I will be the one creating your images. I will never assign your project to a second string photographer or outsource the work you have entrusted me with.
By partnering with Robert Mollett Photography you are also helping to contribute in making the world around us a better place. A percentage of all proceeds generated by Robert Mollett Photography are ultimately used for purposes bigger and far more reaching than you or me. Clean water projects in Africa, orphanages in Africa and Latin America, medical charities with global impact, and charities here at home in America that help to meet the needs of those who are less fortunate than us. It is an honor and duty to support these charities and non-profit organizations with what I have been blessed with. And the opportunities you have shared with me is a large part of how I have been blessed.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon.
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